marketing SUN, JAN 2, 2022

8 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

1. Improve your page load speed There are several factors that may slow down your landing pages. Oversized images are the most common offender. In an analysis of 18,639 landing pages, pages without oversized images led to an average conversion rate of 11.4%, compared to 9.8% for pages with oversized images.

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What is the difference between digitization, digitalization and digital transformation?

Most businesses started converting all of those ink-on-paper records to digital computer files. This is called digitization ...

sales SUN, JAN 2, 2022

13 Ecommerce Email Examples You Need to Grow Your Brand

Creating a slick buying experience is key to ecommerce growth. Imagine a world where customers get all the information they ...

automation SUN, JAN 2, 2022

What is digital transformation in sales?

The sales industry as a general rule used to be not consumer-centric. The goal was to sell more and at any price. ...


What is digital transformation in customer service?

The digital age has transformed the way customers shop and share their experiences. Today, customers are driving the buying ...

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