Getfly CRM helps companies generate more leads, drive an effective sales process, and much more with its cost-effective solutions.

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Powerful automation

Getfly CRM offers a powerful Automation library to enhance your business flow. Whenever a prospect clicks on a link or updates any information, a series of action scenarios will be automated instantly based on your preference.

KPI Reporting

With Getfly, measuring your employee’s performance will be easier than ever. Everything will be done through a 4-step process to establish a complete KPI system for your employees.

You can track or retrieve essential data in real-time to save up reporting effort and enable quick decision-making.

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Smooth Task Management

Not only simple to create and organize tasks and projects but also easy to follow and assign works to your staff/colleagues.

Establish 2-way communication between colleagues through comment and tag system. No need to use another workplace communication tool anymore.

Solution of Getfly CRM

Established and officially launched in 2012, Getfly is proud to be one of the leading CRM solution providers today. From a basic CRM solution, Getfly has evolved into a mini-ERP solution to suit all the daily needs of your SMBs.

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